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Centre for Research and Experimental Development in Informatics Libre (CREDIL) is a cooperative commons and business infrastructure providing expertise and popularization in open information technology and methods. We extend the core competencies of innovators by providing sustainable solutions.

When attempting to innovate, many organizations are faced with a problem: do it in house or outsource. Sometimes this is referred to as "build or buy." Doing it in house features low (but variable) cost, high flexibility/adaptability, but also high risk of project scope creep, and resulting cost and time escalation. Managing IT projects is a challenge even for IT experts. Few non-IT organizations have the expertise, and so the trend has been to outsource it to the "experts".

While outsourcing a project on a fixed price contract externalizes the risks, it also sacrifices much of the flexibility. Few projects are well understood at the very beginning, and most project plans move slower than technology: with an outsourced contract, if changes are desired to the project, then this requires changes to the contract, and this results in changes to the cost ("cost overruns"). Worst of all, managing an outsourced contract can take as much expertise as doing the project oneself.

CREDIL'S ALTERNATIVE: part-time access to specialized expertise at employee rather than consultant rates.

Flexibility at an affordable cost

CREDIL offers an economical option for the hiring of staff and the performance of R&D. We offer part-time access to specialized expertise at employee rates rather than consultant rates. We offer a one-stop shop approach to software expertise. Our low costs offer flexibility yet represent a long-term sustainable solution to organizations with sporadic needs for high-end R&D services.

As an alternative to the fixed-price contract based pricing, CREDIL offers a compromise: a professional managed off-site team works with best-in-class tools and methods to solve problems in an iterative, customer driven way.

In this model, people are hired on a part-time T4 basis, for a term employment. The preferred method is to allocate a set number of hours per week to this project, and then to manage actual time via a timelog and hourbank. A fee of approximately $500/month/FTE (full time equivalent) is collected by CREDIL as a sponsor membership fee. This covers things such as rent, office space, utilities, equipment and benefits.

CREDIL workers are called "maker members", and CREDIL clients are called "sponsor members." Maker members are not contractors, but are subject matter employees who work for sponsor members on a part-time basis. We develop long-term relationships with our sponsors to get in-depth understanding of the needs and requirements, in order to offer scalable solutions that can expand or contract depending on business demand.

Our low costs offer flexibility yet represent a long-term sustainable solution to organizations with sporadic needs for high-end services. We offer sponsors the option of remaining in control. In lieu of cultivating dependency with a closed proprietary solution, we help find/develop/configure/install an open source solution to your IT problems. Instead of taking over a client's IT operations through an outsourcing contract, we can provide to our clients with human resources they need to design and develop labour-intensive IT solutions; once the solution is implemented and runs well, the client can reduce use of our experts and resume full control of the operation.

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