Maxime Gauthier

As a young entrepreneur, I launched my own business creating applications for local companies and people. Through this experience, I acquired invaluable professional and business skills. Now when I interact with business people or project managers, I understand their language and express myself in terms they will understand.

In the recent years, I have worked with a local pharmaceutical company to develop an Inventory and Control System. The development was mainly done in Ruby on the Ruby on Rails framework and a few other support systems were developed in JavaScript on Node.js. This project advanced my knowledge of RESTful API and tree search algorithms for tracking product ancestry between batches.
At CREDIL, I am developing parts of an invoicing system. I have done mostly the components related to the user experience and user interface. The development involves Ruby on Rails, HTML, SCSS, and JavaScript.

I am currently pursuing a B.B.A. degree at Université du Québec en Outaouais, and this led me to develop interests in ERP / CRM software solutions. As a student, I enjoyed participating in students related events and organizations such as the engineering students’ union and the business students’ club.