Antonio Misaka

At, Antonio is developing a cloud platform based on Xen servers, successfully researched, developed and implemented a migration from a solution running on Amazon AWS to Credil's cloud environment, with Web, database and S3 storage servers.

Credil's set of procedures are being developed to operate, maintain and add valuable services to its cloud platform customers. He is also helping to promote the services to potential customers for this solution along with marketing and sales team. He is also operating a VMware vSphere with MS windows virtual servers at a multinational corporation.

Antonio had been working at Procter & Gamble (Brockville plant) from Mar-2015 to June-2017, part as systems administrator with Windows Server 2012R2 in a vSphere (VMWare) infrastructure and part as Java developer (Tomcat) for product lines and HR departments.

He has experience in gathering business requirements and ensuring that the software platform will work seamless with current and emerging technologies.

Antonio's research work at the TIM program, Carleton University, is related to Software Product Line focusing on multidimensional approach. The goal is to create a Requirements Analysis technique for configurable architecture platforms. Applying a Requirements Analysis Process based on User Requirements Notation (URN). Evaluating how Goal-oriented Requirement Language (GRL) and Use Case Maps (UCM) can be applied to uncover software configuration in the early stage of requirement analysis.

As research result, a proof of concept was developed showing that is possible to run multiple business processes in one software platform, through a technique that models from domain level to application level.

Antonio deployed successfully a private cloud system for An upgrade from Essex to Havana (OpenStack) was done. This private cloud platform had new applications being installed and customized.

Specialities: Requirements Engineering, Private Cloud Environment, Business Analysis.


Software Requirements
Business Analysis
Technology Innovation Management


- Developing cloud infrastructure for specific applications to Credil's clients
- Received grant from Carleton University and Technology Innovation Program to develop his M.A.Sc. research
- Developed and managed a development and production infrastructure for Carleton Entrepreneurs and Lead To Win projects with virtual servers

CREDIL Projects: 

Blue Bear