Jason Berry

I am a self-taught programmer with a deep interest in embedded systems. I find it fascinating to work with computers at a lower level and with the ability to have even greater control over how one can direct a computer.

During my BA, I taught English in Kazakhstan as part of an ethnography course. This assignment taught me how to prepare teaching plans from scratch and to adjust my plans according to the needs of my students. Throughout this assignment, I worked with Russian, Ukrainian, American, and Kazakh individuals. I developed my ability to work with people from various cultural backgrounds including those who do not speak English.

At Algonquin College, I completed a program in Market and Business Intelligence Research. There I grew my skills in data modeling and statistical analysis. Post school, I worked as consultant working content management systems such as Drupal and MS Access on such areas as database design, feature development and maintenance. My focus has been creating proper documentation for future users and maintainers. But I came to realise the development of the underlying software is where my interests really lie.

Here are CREDIL, I have been the team lead for the development of a open source ticket system built on the OTRS platform. My second major project is the porting of a sonar system from DOS to Linux. I am responsible for developing the test suite for each module we will be porting. Have conducted static code analysis to better guide the organisation of the code.

I love software development, programming, and seeing a solution meet a user’s needs. Some of my current topics of study include biology, math, and computation. I also like playing guitar, watching Sci-fi movies and raising my young family.