Miranda Gray

Miranda Gray is a Change Management consultant with a strong background in database development and data cleaning.


My career path has been influenced by my fascination with how people use technology. I am fascinated by how some technologies are adopted and others only attract a few passionate users.

I began in market research where I was performing surveys on technology acceptance for corporations. Over time, this interest has lead me to the field of change management. My specialization is coordinating work across a project and assessing the impact on the end users to ensure the broad adoption of the new tool or process.

As a change champion, I can talk both business and IT to the relevant crowds and can translate between both worlds. I can explain in clear language why the change is coming and what is in it for the staff. I am also a trainer who works to build just-in-time training modules to address the day 1 skills people have when the change is rolled out.

On the project management side, my role has been the creation of project dashboards for the steering committees after defining the key metrics which need to be tracked. My work has been centred around minimizing the time needed for meetings while ensuring the leadership knows the current status of the project.

My technical background is in database development and data cleaning. I have a Diploma in Programming, Database & Internet Solutions from The Institute for Computer Studies. I have a BA (Psychology) from Carleton University and a BA (Classics) from the University of Ottawa.

In my free time, I am active in working to build a better community in the Orleans suburb of Ottawa. I am currently president of the Convent Glen-Orleans Woods Community Association.