Richard Guy Briggs

Richard has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa and has started some graduate study in signal processing, with an interest in acoustics in particular. He is also interested in energy efficiency and management, having been involved in the solar vehicle "raycing" community for nearly two decades. Richard hacks bikes.

Richard was an early adopter of Linux, having used it since 1992, leveraging it when it was barely a year old to do artificial neural network speech recognition on an undergraduate project. He was also a founding board member of Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group and a speaker at the inaugural Ottawa Linux Symposium.

Richard has written device drivers under several flavours of UNIX for telecommunications, video imaging and networking applications. Richard has made a significant knowledge investment in the IPsec suite of network security protocols, burying himself in the Linux kernel network stack in the process while working on the FreeS/WAN project. A number of these opportunities have brought him into the embedded device realm. He is now a Red Hat kernel security engineer.


His areas of expertise are kernel programming in C, bash, Perl on UNIX and Linux systems. He is also comfortable with a soldering iron and an oscilloscope and is no stranger to public speaking and teaching.

CREDIL Projects: